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The Claros Method

We recognize that every individual and every organization is different. Our coaching, consulting, and facilitation services are customized to fit the goals and needs of each client.

 The questions we ask:

  • What's the outcome you're after? What's in the way? Who needs to be involved? How do you work with resistance? Get Clear!

  • How do you communicate new direction, manage change, and model the behaviors you want to reinforce? How do you develop a high-performing work group, lead dynamic meetings, and harness the powerful energy of diverse ideas? Get Moving!

  • How do you move from insight to action? How do you measure impact and build in feedback techniques that let you learn from experience? What are the behaviors and structures needed to sustain change? Get Results!
 Our beliefs guide our work:
  • The best leaders know how to get things done by motivating and mobilizing the talents of others. They inspire innovation and solve problems through honest talk, quality thinking, and cooperative action.

  • The best coaches raise powerful questions, identify workable solutions, and help clients identify the tools, knowledge, and perspectives needed to change behavior.

  • Leaders succeed when working with coaches who do not judge, are highly supportive, and are focused on the client's success.

  • Behaviors change when individuals focus on the future, not the past.

  • Change occurs when leaders know themselves well and focus on leveraging their own strengths.
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