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  Sharon Keating

Gail Ginder
Sharon sets the bar high on integrity as she partners with organizational leaders, professionals, executive teams and project work groups. For over 30 years, she has provided organizational change consultation, leadership coaching, meeting facilitation, and training services to a wide range of organizations and communities nationwide. Sharon has orchestrated complex system change efforts, led work teams, helped professionals enhance their leadership and interpersonal skills, provided strategic guidance to executives, and designed meetings critical to business success. A recognized expert in facilitating groups of 5 to 300, Sharon is known and respected as a consultant who gets results.

Clients value Sharon's thoughtful counsel and uncanny ability to ask the right question at the right time, prompting insight and mobilizing action. Her pragmatic, flexible approach, coupled with an ability to quickly grasp organizational issues, encourages clients to develop simple, elegant, strategies that address specific challenges. She speaks the truth with clarity and compassion, which engenders trust in all those she works with.

In addition to her professional experience, Sharon has a long and rich history of community service. She has been a board member of several Sonoma County non profit organizations and was a volunteer Ropes Course leader and trainer for over 5 years.

Sharon was the internal organizational development consultant for Kaiser Permanente, Santa Rosa for 8 years and has had her own consulting practice since 1996. Sharon holds a Bachelors degree in Counseling from the University of California at Davis and a Masters degree in Organization Development from Sonoma State University. She is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

"Working with Sharon Keating as my leadership coach was a transformative experience for me. As a physician leader I face a myriad of daily tasks while I oversee the provision of high quality patient care. Together, Sharon and I identified my strengths and treated my weaknesses as opportunities for development. She guided me through a process to build upon and develop my talents. Sharon helped me align my personal goal of being the best physician I can be while inspiring others to do the same in providing care for our patients. Sharon is highly professional, with an added personal touch that made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend Sharon Keating to anyone seeking to improve their leadership skills."
Patricia Padilla M.D.
Site Leader/ Rohnert Park
Kaiser Permanente

"Sharon Keating has worked with Sonoma County Mental Health Services for over five years. I cannot overstate the value and importance of this organizational development work. Sharon was instrumental in guiding this Division of over 200 employees and a budget of $50 million through an extraordinarily difficult time of organizational challenges. I most value Sharon's broad understanding of optimum organizational health and the structures needed to achieve that equanimity."
Arthur W. Ewart
Sonoma County Mental Health Services Director

"Sharon is an insightful and gifted leadership coach who has helped me resolve conflicts, stay focused on my philosophical priorities in my personal and work life, and enhance my leadership skills. This has been the best professional investment I have ever made."
Wendy Kohatsu, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Oregon Health and Science University


"I have worked with Sharon Keating for more than fifteen years in a variety of situations both within my organization and in the community. Some of these activities include executive coaching for high potential leaders, large group facilitation, group problem resolution and assisting in the start up of functional teams. Sharon is a delight to work with. She asks tough questions that cut right to the heart of the matter, but always does this in a respectful way. She is results orientated and works to position the team or individual to maximize their potential."
Bob Schultz, M.D.
Kaiser Permanente, Santa Rosa

"I have worked with Sharon Keating for the last six years. Sharon has helped me lead two different organizations by providing executive coaching for myself and other executives, team building, organizational development consulting, meeting planning and facilitation, and communication planning. During the time I have worked with Sharon I was promoted from an individual contributor role providing expertise, to a CEO responsible for leading an international, global organization. This transition would not have been possible without Sharon. I highly recommend Sharon to anyone striving to improve their own leadership effectiveness or the effectiveness of their organization."
Derek Newell, CEO
Health Hero Network, Inc.
(A BOSCH Company)

"Sharon's wisdom and insightful questions changed my life. I was lost in my job and Sharon helped me see that my work patterns were unhealthy for me and my family. She helped me identify my priorities and then develop new habits that improved my personal life and made me more effective and efficient at work. Sharon has the ability to start with a seemingly intractable issue and move it to a productive, focused strategy."
Deborah Reed, Ph.D.
Research Director
Public Policy Institute of California

"We have had the pleasure of working with Sharon in a variety of capacities for the past ten years, and we have been consistently impressed with both the outcomes and the process of her work. Sharon has a remarkable capacity for helping people feel comfortable even as she challenges their thinking and ways of acting in the world. She gracefully leads groups and individuals just far enough outside of their comfort zones for growth and learning to occur. And it does occur with Sharon's help."
Linda Blong, Ph.D.
Anne Davin, Ph.D.
California Services for Technical Assistance and Training (CalSTAT)
A special project of the California Department of Education

"Working with Sharon has had a tremendous impact on both my personal and professional life. Sharon has helped me to become a better leader by pushing me to think about the personality and situational needs of my reports, and then providing me with tools to support their success. Through our conversations, I have gotten better at providing vision, getting buy-in and being transparent. Our work has also been instrumental in my personal life. She has helped me to explore some life-changing decisions and work though my own passion and hesitation around these issues. What I most appreciate about Sharon are the honest and non-judgmental conversations. I appreciate direct feedback and Sharon provides it. She's not afraid to say, "You are hallucinating," when I am imagining threats that aren't there. But she's also very gentle and supportive in our work. She validates where I have been, how far I have come, and my desire to grow further."
Ed Center
Director of Programs
Team Up for Youth

"Last Fall my department undertook a major offsite project involving over 100 physicians. Although I have been Chief of Medicine for 15 years, the size and scope of the project was daunting to me. Sharon Keating was instrumental in both the planning and execution of this successful effort. In a respectful and directed fashion, she moved the many aspects of the project forward, always paying attention to detail, yet never missing the big picture. Her ideas about form and structure of the event were invaluable. Simply speaking, she was a great partner in this effort that resulted in a shared vision for the upcoming year. The feedback received from the physicians was universally positive. I look forward to working with Sharon again."
Steve Rich, M.D.
Chief, Family Medicine Service, Kaiser Santa Rosa

"I have worked with Sharon for nearly 15 years across three organizations on broad issues including managing dramatic organizational change on a $100 million project, executive team development, the start up of a new company and my own on-going professional growth. I consider her to be one of my most trusted advisors and a key asset in my success."
Roger de Lusignan
Chief Executive Officer
Enclara Health, LLC

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