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  Gail Ginder

Gail Ginder
Clients value Gail's skillful and empathic listening, no-nonsense style, and ability to pinpoint issues with an eagle eye. Gail excels at helping executives gain the flexibility they need to meet the personal and professional challenges required to lead organizations in today's complex world. She brings compassion, wisdom and humor to all of her assignments.

Gail brings twenty five years experience as an executive coach, expert facilitator, and organizational consultant. She has been involved in the design and delivery of 360-degree surveys and team development experiences, as well as board and staff retreats. Gail has a special interest in working with professionals in leadership roles for whom there is a gap between what they are expected to do and what they were trained to do. Her coaching approach offers a supportive, challenging, and confidential forum for closing this gap by sharpening awareness, deepening learning, and building a repertoire of effective strategies.

Gail served as the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization, and in management roles at the University of California, Santa Barbara and at the University of Missouri. She has a BA in Psychology and Masters Degrees in Counseling and Public Health. Gail completed a fellowship in Management at the University of California Office of the President. For ten years, she served as an Executive Coach for the Ken Blanchard Companies. She is certified by the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach.

MCC - Master Certified Coach

"We are always confident that we can throw the toughest clients at Gail. She is professional and represents Blanchard Coaching Services at the highest level of professionalism. Her clients extend, come back, and refer others - she leaves a lasting impression. Gail is a class act. She has this ability to make a strong connection with executives; establish her credibility as an executive coach and thought partner and have the tough conversations when it's needed in the coaching conversation."
Madeleine Homan, MCC, Founder
Coaching Services and the Coaching Services Team
The Ken Blanchard Companies

"I have worked with Gail Ginder for several years in a variety of situations. She has done executive coaching for high potential leaders plus she has worked with a number of teams to help them through difficult situations. She has particular expertise assisting in the hiring of high level executives. Gail is a pleasure to work with. She is thoroughly professional with the ability to ask the right question or make the right suggestion at the right time."
Bob Schultz, MD
(former) Physician-in-Chief
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
Santa Rosa, CA

“Gail, very gently, steadily and with good humor, helped us be a better run organization. It is just that simple. Her support of me and our entire staff has been invaluable. From small nagging issues, to big, hard to grapple with questions, Gail is smart, thoughtful, insightful and unfailingly supportive. I love my job even more because we have Gail on our team.”
Kate Kendell
Executive Director
National Center for Lesbian Rights


"I have sincerely enjoyed my close coaching relationship with Gail. In leading, it can be quite lonely. Gail has provided a thoughtful, insightful, and neutral sounding board on many leadership challenges. From basic business issues to executive dilemmas to difficult parenting situations, Gail has a unique ability to help find the answer within. I would highly recommend Gail to any leader interested in raising the bar on their personal performance."
Howard Heckes
Senior Vice President, Global Architecture
Valspar Corporation

"I am an academic administrator with daunting responsibilities. There has been nothing in my 30-year administrative career that has been more empowering than having Gail as my coach and partner. The coaching process was totally fun and efficient. With tremendous wisdom, good humor, and confidence she helped bring out the best in my management team and in me. Gail was the best gift I ever bought myself!"
Susan Laughlin, Ph.D.
(former) Assistant Vice-President
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of California

"Gail and the services she provided to our organization and to some of our individual managers was tremendously helpful and has had a lasting impact. The impact was significant movement towards organizational trust, open and honest communication and ultimately, improved performance all around. In addition to being extremely insightful to group dynamics and teams, she has a keen ability to facilitate communication and teamwork regarding what can be delicate workplace matters. She helped me as an executive, to think through organizational change and critical decisions and worked individually with some of our managers, guiding them through their self-reflection and leadership development process. Gail has also facilitated several staff retreats for us and we have all thoroughly enjoyed working with her. In fact, we're asking her back again this year to facilitate a staff retreat that will focus on an organizational assessment and continuing to build our team. She is a terrific person and provides an outstanding professional service."
Kim Mazzuca
10,000 Degrees

"I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the coaching and leadership development support that Gail has provided to organizations in the Flexible Leadership Awards Program. Gail has been able to understand and adapt her approach to the realities and needs of each organization and each individual leader she has coached. I am particularly struck by her ability to blend wise, compassionate coaching with practical, pragmatic organizational development experience. As a result, she has both helped individual leaders bring about powerful change for themselves and for their organization, and has enabled leadership teams to set clear priorities and work effectively together. She is unfailingly generous in sharing her experience and has been a joy to work with."
Paula Morris
Program Director, Flexible Investment Program
Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

"I began my work with Gail in beautiful Healdsburg California. Gail helped me identify the goals I wanted to achieve over the course of our coaching sessions. From that time forward we worked exclusively by phone and email, the whole time Gail's ability to coach unhampered within a virtual framework was as pointed and "spot on" as my one face to face session with her. I learned a lot about how to ask the right questions, vs. providing the answers, when developing other leaders. I have experienced many career successes since working with Gail, and know that she made a significant difference for me both professionally and personally."
Betty Weizenicker
Director Commercial Clinical Operations
Clinical Guidance Organization

"Gail Ginder's seasoned skills proved instrumental in enabling me to make significant professional change. She was able to listen to my issues as a healthcare leader and provide on target, strategic insights. Her capacity to distill large amounts of information into highly useful feedback was impressive. And her gentle humor helped me get through the tough but best times of executive coaching."
Magda G. Peck, ScD
Founding Dean and Professor
Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

"As the new Executive Director of Girls Incorporated of Alameda County I was provided the opportunity for coaching. My initial reaction was "for what-I've had more than 20 plus years leading organizations, what would I need a coach for?" I had no idea what a difference and what value having a coach like Gail would make. Faced with replacing a long-term executive and challenged with shifting the culture of the organization, I have found Gail's ability to help me sort through my thoughts and ideas and help me determine appropriate actions invaluable. She provides resources that I can really use. I think Gail's greatest value to me has been as a thought partner and co-strategist in moving the organization forward. I know that I would have made it through the first six months without coaching, but with Gail as a partner it has been a smooth and seamless transition and I've gained a valued colleague!"
Linda Boessenecker
Girls Incorporated of Alameda County

"The coaching work that Gail and I did together proved invaluable. I had been offered coaching because I was identified as one of the more successful leaders at our center, not for remedial reasons. Gail analysis was insightful, whether we were working on specific examples of challenges or broader issues such as my strengths and weaknesses. She provided me a framework for leading that is very useful and relevant. Together we identified areas for growth and ways to strengthen my skills in those areas. We also identified strengths, and worked on leveraging those. There is no question in my mind that I am far more successful in my leadership role because of the work Gail and I did together"
Michael Haiman
Chief of Dermatology
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Santa Rosa

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