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The Claros Consulting Process

Claros consultants provide personalized, tailored services that will help you achieve your desired results and thrive in a complex business world. In partnership with you, we design a comprehensive process to address your specific requests. We tailor our approach to your unique circumstance, drawing upon our years of proven experience and tested methodologies.

 Define Work Plan and Agreements

During an initial conversation with the organization's leadership, we determine project specifics: desired outcomes, time frame, scope, and approach. We also negotiate mutual expectations, clarify who does what and confirm your organization's commitment and support. This agreement serves as the foundation for our working relationship.

 Collect Data and Provide Feedback

To better understand the specific situation and environment, we collect information from a variety of sources and organizational members. We summarize the findings and provide a synopsis that describes perspectives, opportunities and challenges. This process begins to build understanding among those involved and helps identify critical areas in need of attention.

 Develop Strategy

Based on the initial agreements and the findings of the assessment, we develop a comprehensive approach that describes how the effort will unfold, who will be involved and how both the leader and consultant will monitor progress. This is our roadmap for the overall effort.

 Implement Plan

Working closely with the leader, we implement the agreed-upon plan. The plan is periodically revisited and revised as needed to make sure we are on track and achieving the desired results.


At the end of our work together, the consultant, organizational leaders and those who have been most intimately involved meet to assess the results achieved and lessons learned. This provides an opportunity to reflect on the process, define what helped and/or hindered success, and determine what could have been done differently. We then agree on specific follow-up actions.
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